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Chevron “Seat belts save lives” ad (1962)

Photo(s) by Bart Solenthaler. Imported from Flickr on Apr 30, 2021. Artwork published in .
Chevron “Seat belts save lives” ad (1962)
Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Bart Solenthaler and tagged with “centuryexpanded”. License: All Rights Reserved.

Century Expanded for a text-heavy ad by Chevron, with double indication for the paragraph breaks (large indents and vertical whitespace) as well as double emphasis (italics and underlines) for the key message.

Were you one of thousands of people who had auto seat belts installed at a Chevron Station in the past 3 months?
If not, do it now. We’ll put belts in your car for only $5.95 each. Installation is free.
Why are we making this non-profit offer? Because seat belts save lives. Read what the experts say about them …

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  1. I love this partly because I’ve always loved Century Expanded, but also because it reminded me that it’s from around the same time that my dad put seat belts in our '59 Chevy. Cool.

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