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Official Star Wars T-shirt

Photo(s) by Bart Solenthaler. Imported from Flickr on Apr 24, 2021. Artwork published in .
Official Star Wars T-shirt 1
Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Bart Solenthaler and tagged with “tabasco” and “stencil”. License: All Rights Reserved.

The official Star Wars T-shirt from 1977 features the iconic logo by Suzy Rice on the front, and “May the force be with you” on the back. The latter is set in all-caps Tabasco, with some of its alternate hyper-extended glyphs.

If you purchased the soundtrack to Star Wars in 1977, the flyer shown above was inside. It additionally uses Helvetica (incl. the Black weight which served as basis for Rice’s logo), Stencil (ATF) set on an angle, and Futura (for “black T-shirt only”).

Official Star Wars T-shirt 2
Source: Grailed. License: All Rights Reserved.
Official Star Wars T-shirt 3
Source: Wyco Vintage. License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Tabasco
  • Helvetica
  • Stencil (ATF)
  • Futura




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