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Radio Dolin

Contributed by Adelina Shaydullina on May 14th, 2021. Artwork published in
March 2021
    Radio Dolin 1
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    Base & Bloom in use for the visual identity of the video channel Radio Dolin.

    This typeface by Peter Bushuev is a fusion of a quiet geometric sans serif (Base) and an ornate high-contrast calligraphic style (Bloom) – a response to the lack of display sans types and the abundance of swashed serifs.

    From our interview with Yaroslav Maximov, designer with Meduza:

    When we were told that we would have a project with Anton Dolin — a YouTube show on culture, not just about films, — I immediately began to draft ideas that evolved into two concepts. The first one was slightly Soviet-style: I looked at the covers of Soviet magazines: Sovetsky Ekran (Soviet Screen) and Iskusstvo Kino (Film Art) where Anton has been working as an editor-in-chief since their re-launch. There was this recurring thing with frames — screens, and I was planning to build the overall style upon it.

    The second idea (which was eventually chosen) was the one with display typography where in the middle there was a typeface with glimpses and flares on it. Basically, it is about the play of light and shadow as an essence of the cinema. And the fact that the style turned out to be rather abstract, works just fine, as the show is about culture in general, and the less there are specific references, the more meanings you can put into it.

    Base & Bloom is very display, you won’t set much text in it. Although, it is very distinctive, recognisable, hardly confused with something else. When I saw it, I decided to try it immediately. What really sold it to me was the amount of alternative glyphs, such a room for playing. And so I spend half a day just putting different symbols and combining them — so much fun. In fact, when I was only starting to do design, the glyph panel in Illustrator was my favourite.

    Read the entire article on the website.

    Radio Dolin 2
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    Radio Dolin 3
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    Radio Dolin 4
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    Radio Dolin 5
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