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DJ Manny – Signals In My Head album art

Contributed by Timothée Goguely on Jul 30th, 2021. Artwork published in
July 2021
DJ Manny – Signals In My Head album art 1
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Signals In My Head is DJ Manny’s debut for Planet Mu, an electronic music label based in Hove, UK. The black and white album art features the release title composed in BBWW (Boogy Brut Wild Black). This display typeface was designed by French calligrapher and type designer Julien Priez aka Boogy Paper, in collaboration with Bureau Brut: a small graphic design studio and type foundry based in Toulouse, France. From the typeface information on their website:

The “Wild” versions are designed like initials: far from the traditional “quest for legibility”, they tread the boundaries between graphic design and pure art.

The jerky rhythm and the bold expressiveness of Boogy Brut Wild Black curves matches perfectly with DJ Manny footwork sound and atmosphere. On Bandcamp Daily, July 27 2021, Miles Bowe reviews Signals in my Head:

Footwork is defined by movement. That movement is often captured in dizzying rhythms and dance battles, but what’s just as important to the Chicago genre is its constant evolution. […]

Manny has long favored smoky, subdued sounds, but he goes further on Signals In My Head, rewiring footwork as something intensely intimate, even romantic. […] Flowing alongside the footwork highlights are stylistic curveballs, like the breakbeat-heavy title track, house banger “Club GTA,” and the DJ Phil collab “Havin’ Fun,” which flings zany vocal samples and a vertigo-inducing sub bass.

The artist name and catalog code are set in a yet unidentified grotesk. [edit: It’s ABC Diatype, see comments.]

DJ Manny – Signals In My Head album art 2
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.


  • BBWB
  • ABC Diatype




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5 Comments on “DJ Manny – Signals In My Head album art”

  1. At a first glance, BBWB May seem to consist of capitals only – but it is a biform/unicase design: capitals and lowercase characters share the same height and width. In this case, the album title is set in Title Case. Above a comparison of “SIGN” (top) and “sign” (bottom). Some characters use a very similar design for upper- and lowercase, others have an obvious difference; a tiny tittle marks the (main) difference between I and i. On the album cover, the dot on the first i was enlarged.

  2. The cover was designed by me and the other supporting grotesk typeface is Diatype by Dinamo.

  3. Perfect – thanks for chiming in, Joe! I’ve added credits for the design and the second typeface.

  4. Thanks Florian

  5. Good art direction, good calligraphy, good album. Happy days

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