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Cal Valls vegetable box

Contributed by D Jones on Aug 11th, 2021. Artwork published in
circa 2021
Cal Valls vegetable box 1
Photo: D Jones. License: Public Domain.

The Cal Valls wooden vegetable box that my groceries came in is printed with brown ink on natural light wood. The wordmark seems to be in Waldorfschrift or derived from it [edit: it appears to be RoBirke, see comments]. The URL and other secondary text is in Andalé Mono.

From the Call Valls website (translated):

Call Valls is a family business, dedicated since 1978 to the production and processing of organic juices and canned vegetables. It is located in a village in the province of Lleida, Vilanova de Bellpuig (Catalonia-Spain).

Cal Valls vegetable box 2
Photo: D Jones. License: Public Domain.
Cal Valls vegetable box 3
Photo: D Jones. License: Public Domain.


  • RoBirke
  • Andalé Mono




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4 Comments on “Cal Valls vegetable box”

  1. Hi David! The “Waldorf style” logo looks like it could be Ro-Birke, a relatively light and slightly extended variant of Walter Roggenkamp’s original “Anthroposophic typeface”.

    It is hard to tell, because their website does not allow to type in test words and their images contain no a, but the boxy c and overall letter construction fit well.

    Great find, thank you for contributing!

  2. Good point, Manuel! I can’t confirm, due to RoSchriften’s limited presentation that you mention. I was assuming it’s a cleaned up version of Joachim Frank’s Waldorfschrift, which isn’t well drawn, but includes a light weight, too. The top right part of v and the l suggest as much.

  3. The website now has a tester which means that i think we can confirm that the wordmark is indeed Ro-Birke.

  4. Thank you for following up on this! RoBirke now has an entry in the database. I adjusted the typeface credit.

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