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Wilhelm Willms ‎– Song of Love album art

Contributed by Florian Hardwig on Feb 15th, 2022. Artwork published in .
Wilhelm Willms ‎– Song of Love album art
Source: What Is Wrong With Grooving. License: All Rights Reserved.

Song of Love is an album with soul/jazz songs based on texts from 1 Corinthians 13, known in German as Hohelied der Liebe. The lyrics were written by Roman Catholic priest Wilhelm Willms (1930–2002), with several of the titles composed by Peter Janssens (1934–1998), co-founder of the Sacropop branch within the genre of Neues Geistliches Lied (NGL).

What Is Wrong With Grooving comments:

Deutscher SOUL. Weird stuff. Xian music by Peter Janssens and vocals by Jutta Hahn and Marc Anthony.

The cover design pairs photography by Ari Van Sandvoort with two rainbow-themed display gems: the all-caps Indigo and the all-lowercase Arc en ciel were both designed by André Chante (alias Andy Song) and issued by Hollenstein in Paris around 1972.

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