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Contributed by David Jonathan Ross on Aug 20th, 2021. Artwork published in .
Bright 1
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Bright—a platform for interactive learning sessions with creators, icons, and experts—has adopted a bold, colorful rebrand designed by Lobster Phone.

Lobster Phone’s founder and designer Kristine Arth chose Gimlet Display Condensed as the headline typeface, with Acumin stepping in for supporting text. Gimlet’s energetic design is amplified by vibrant bands of color that permeate the identity.

Bright’s custom wordmark drawn by Ruggero Magrì is a bold condensed sans serif with a biform g that echoes the construction of the B. This B/g shape is carried over to the asymmetrical brackets that surround the logo and also form an abstract B when used on their own. These brackets surround the headlines as well, adding an interesting design element to the text and breaking to follow the right rag of a multi-line lockup. These brand elements are supplemented with icons and playful emojis that incorporate the logo’s distinctive g.

Bright 2
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Bright 3
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Bright 4
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Bright 5
Source: Lobster Phone. License: All Rights Reserved.

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