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Baldassarre Presents: Led Zeppelin II concert poster

Contributed by Matthijs Herzberg on Aug 27th, 2021. Artwork published in
June 2021
Baldassarre Presents: Led Zeppelin II concert poster
Alex Coven. License: All Rights Reserved.

This gig poster is a contemporary take on the classic psychedelic poster of the 1960s, designed by Alex Coven for musician Carl Baldassarre’s full live performance of the album Led Zeppelin II.

The primary typeface used is Libido, a new variable font based on the hand lettering of psychedelic poster artist Wes Wilson. Much like Wilson’s work, the type has been warped across the page in organic curves, using a stylized photo of Baldassarre himself as a backdrop.

Accompanying Libido is PhontPhreak’s Handwriting and Harmonia Sans, an interesting contrast to the hard-to-decipher psychedelic type above.

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