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Kashida Website

Contributed by Florian Hardwig on Jul 11th, 2013.
    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

    Founded in 2011, Kashida is a Lebanese product design & furniture line inspired entirely by Arabic letterforms.  Embracing the various calligraphic and typographic styles of Arabic, Kashida aims to bring out a distinct perspective of Middle Eastern culture through modern design pieces. —

    The Latin part of the logo uses Ambicase Modern by Craig Eliason. The bilingual website in English and Arabic lets us compare how the opposite reading directions affect not only the text, but also the general layout. For some strange reason, both Linotype’s DIN Next (which supports Arabic, but also Latin) and Albert-Jan Pool’s earlier and slightly different FF DIN are used as webfonts here.

    via @JamesToddDesign

    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.


    • Ambicase Modern
    • DIN Next
    • FF DIN



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