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Daito Onkyo Benhur slot machine

Contributed by Hiroaki Moriya on Nov 4th, 2021. Artwork published in
circa 1988
Daito Onkyo Benhur slot machine 1
Source: mwwmy31. License: All Rights Reserved.

Benhur (ベンハー) is a Japanese Pachisloslot machine made by Daito Onkyo in 1988. The logo is based on Harry Obese. “Bonus Games” is Yankee Shadow, customized with perspective shadows and three-colored stripes. “Medals” looks like Futura Condensed Bold, and the accompanying numerals are from Cooper Black. “777” is probably custom drawn. There’s also some Helvetica and Eurostile. The Japanese fonts are unidentified.

Daito Onkyo Benhur slot machine 2
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Harry
  • Yankee Shadow
  • Cooper Black
  • Futura Condensed
  • Helvetica
  • Eurostile
  • unidentified typeface




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2 Comments on “Daito Onkyo Benhur slot machine”

  1. Orestes Perdigon says:
    Jan 2nd, 2023 9:11 pm

    Looking for someone that could help me fix the problem that I have with this machine that when you press the stop button to stop the reels from spinning, it doesn’t when work. I have replaced the spinning board fuse, 1A and it just keeps blowing it. Please he

  2. Yes, I had that happen once. One of the three reel stop buttons on the front was stuck.  Now would be a good time to work with the buttons to make them move freely in their sockets. I used a q-tip and some silicone (very sparingly) lubricant to free mine. Once it’s working, try to play it more frequently. Everything in the air seems to stick to these machines. Good Luck

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