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René Char – Sources et chemins de la poésie poster

Contributed by Swiss Typefaces on Apr 20th, 2022. Artwork published in
June 2019
René Char – Sources et chemins de la poésie poster 1
© Henriette Grindat / Fotostiftung Schweiz. License: All Rights Reserved.

Translated from the foundation’s website:

A major figure in 20th century poetry, René Char (1907–1988), who was close to Surrealism in his early years, published the collection Fureur et mystère in 1948, bringing together his texts marked by the Second World War and his involvement in the French Resistance. His later work invites us to discover another dimension of his poetry, that of his relationship to space and his sensitivity to the earth – from the microcosm of the “closed valley” to the cosmos. The poet’s walks in the Vaucluse, his native “country”, his attention to an environment whose deep mystery and fragility he senses, never cease to nourish his inspiration and to shape a language that tightens in the poetic image the happy or painful experience of a man as well as his gratitude towards the natural world.

The exhibition René Char | Sources et chemins de la poésie accompanies the poet over a period of thirty years, from Le soleil des eaux (1949) and Les matinaux (1950), to the collections of La nuit talismanique (1972) and Aromates chasseurs (1975).

The exhibition poster, designed by Karen Ichters, has the info set in TheW Clan RZA laid out over a picture by the late Henriette Grindat.

TheW Clan RZA is part of TheW family and available from Swiss Typefaces.

René Char – Sources et chemins de la poésie poster 2
License: All Rights Reserved.


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