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Mushrooms and Toadstools by Jacqueline Seymour

Contributed by Florian Hardwig on Dec 12th, 2021. Artwork published in .
Mushrooms and Toadstools by Jacqueline Seymour 1
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Windsor Bold for mushrooms and toadstools. First issued in Great Britain 1978 by Colour International Ltd. (also with Windsor on the cover), this is the American edition by Crescent Books, published the same year in their Color Nature Library. The author’s name of the jacket is in caps from Richmond Old Style.

See also Aurel Dermek’s Spotters Guide for another use of Windsor for fungi.

Title page with names in
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Title page with names in ITC Souvenir

The interior is set in .
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The interior is set in Plantin.

Mushrooms and Toadstools by Jacqueline Seymour 4
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  • Windsor
  • Richmond Old Style
  • ITC Souvenir
  • Plantin




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5 Comments on “Mushrooms and Toadstools by Jacqueline Seymour”

  1. Windsor Mushrooms are a popular dish…

  2. There is an incredible amount of mushroom books with cover typography in Windsor, certainly from the 1970s and 1980s! (And those that don’t show Windsor often use something similar.) I wonder why that is. I get that Windsor looks organic and a little buckled and all, but still …

  3. The Mushroom Handbook by Louis C.C. Krieger, Dover Publications, 1967. Image: Buteo Books

    Mushrooms of North America by Orson K. Miller, Jr., Dutton, 1972. Image: Abebooks

    The Mushroom Trail Guide by Phyllis G. Glick; Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1979. Image: Mom’s and Pop’s Book Shop

  4. I can’t help but imagine the use of Windsor for the Whole Earth Catalog series had an influence on the type choices for these DIY / counter-culture-adjacent guidebooks.

  5. Full agreement. But there’s something mushroomy about Windsor’s design that made it a good match, too. The Krieger book was published in June 1967, more than a year before the first issue of Whole Earth Catalog came out.

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