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Kang & Kodos #1 comic book

Contributed by Bryson Stohr on Feb 25th, 2022. Artwork published in
August 2014
Kang & Kodos #1 comic book 1
Source: Wikisimpsons. License: CC BY-SA.

Kang & Kodos #1 is the ninth issue of Simpson Comics One-Shot Wonders, a line of one-off comics. Each issue features a random character, with every story focusing on that character.

On the front cover, the names of Kang & Kodos are set in Ed Interlock. “Probing today’s issues” looks like Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed.

On the back cover, “Rigel VII” is set in House Slant, “Spend your next vacation on” in House Showcard, and the other text in House Brush. The disclaimer shown below is in the Light version of Futura Condensed.

Kang & Kodos #1 comic book 2
Photo: Bryson Stohr. License: All Rights Reserved.

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