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Flagstone brand identity

Contributed by F37® on Apr 2nd, 2022. Artwork published in .
Flagstone brand identity 1
Source: Greene & Sons. License: All Rights Reserved.

Greene & Sons were given the challenge of creating a new identity and website for Flagstone, a platform that enables you to open up savings accounts through a choice of providers.

The new identity needed a contemporary yet mature and familiar feel, so Greene & Sons chose F37 Wicklow by F37 Foundry for the new brand. Plain by Optimo is used for the logo and as accompanying text face.

The starting point for F37 Wicklow is Irish sculptor Michael Biggs’ intricate letter carvings on the Arbour Hill Memorial in Dublin. Biggs’ ‘Gaelic Alphabet’ mixes wonderful geometric shapes and F37 Wicklow reflects this by combining sharp, triangular serifs and diamond tittles with circular forms. It’s a typeface driven by visual contrast.

Flagstone brand identity 2
Greene & Sons. License: All Rights Reserved.
Flagstone brand identity 3
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.


  • F37 Wicklow
  • Plain




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