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Charles Magnante and His Orchestra – Romantic Accordion album art

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Charles Magnante and His Orchestra – Romantic Accordion album art 1
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Two years after Roman Accordion, Command Records released another album by Charles Magnante, with a similar title: for Romantic Accordion, art director Charles E. Murphy (1933–2005) did the illustration himself, apparently building on Giusti’s almost abstract accordion from 1963, adding movement, a rose, and a woman’s face.

The title typeface is an early creation by Photo-Lettering, shown in their 1960 catalog as Curfew Initials, with catalog number 0387. The underlying design with the trifurcated stems and decorative tendrils is a century older, though: PLINC’s face is based on an alphabet drawn and engraved by Jules Girault that was reproduced in his Album graphique from 1867.

The original alphabet by Jules Girault as reproduced in his Album graphique from 1867
Source: / Bibliothèque nationale de France. License: All Rights Reserved.

While the PLINC adaptation stays fairly close to Girault’s design, apart from a few omitted hairlines, Murphy apparently found it a little too romantic and over the top, and simplified the ornate caps for this application:

A has one horizontal crossbar instead of two diagonal ones, and omits one tendril at mid stem
C drops third the tendril in the lower part of the counter
D and N lack one tendril to the left of the stem and two to the right
I lacks two tendrils at mid stem
M lacks two tendrils at the bottom half of the middle stem
T replaces the round bottom part with a straight stem

Curfew Initials is contrasted with the down-to-earth Akzidenz-Grotesk for the artist’s name.

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Charles Magnante and His Orchestra – Romantic Accordion album art 2
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  • Curfew Initials
  • Akzidenz-Grotesk




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