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Rory Pilgrim – RAFTS: Songs from water invite

Contributed by Florian Hardwig on Nov 23rd, 2022. Artwork published in .
Rory Pilgrim – RAFTS: Songs from water invite
Source: Image credit: RAFTS, HD Video (1:06:00), courtesy andriesse-eyck galerie. License: All Rights Reserved.

On 20 November, artist Rory Pilgrim played a concert with singers Delcan Rowe John and Robyn Haddon at Amsterdam’s Tempel. For the invite, designer Elisabeth Klement selected a typeface that, with its flowing cursive shapes and details like the undulating leg of R, is a good match for the aquatic theme of the title.

The stand-alone italic with the discreet horizontal contrast is the work of Céline Hurka. Shown in July 2021, Lilian was made for a friend of the type designer, photographer Clara-Lilian Berger. As of November 2022, it is unreleased.

Hurka is a 2020 graduate from the KABK’s Type and Media program. She has already released a number of diverse typefaces, including Alfarn (2018–2022, created as part of Adobe’s Hidden Treasures of the Bauhaus Dessau project), WT Zaft² (2021, a collaboration with Jacob Wise), and Dark Academia (2022, a set of bonkers foliate initials, made available for free).

More info about the concert:

Taking place in the remarkable space of Tempel, a former theosophical temple and now an important community space for culture, the concert will feature live versions of songs from Pilgrim’s new film RAFTS, accompanied by harp and piano. Created over three years with residents of the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham (U.K), RAFTS was originally commissioned for the Serpentine exhibition Radio Ballads to explore stories of support in our everyday lives.

RAFTS is being exhibited as part of Pilgrim’s solo exhibition at andriesse-eyck galerie (29 October – 17 December 2022).

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