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Safelight Paper, issue 1, “Youth”

Contributed by Nathan Prost on Jan 1st, 2023. Artwork published in
October 2022
Safelight Paper, issue 1, “Youth” 1
Source: Safelight. License: All Rights Reserved.

Youth” is the title of the first issue of the photo magazine Safelight Paper created by Alessandro Lotti and Chris Morgan. About Safelight:

Safelight is Alessandro Iotti and Chris Morgan. We both share a passion for analog photography and wanted to create a safe place for people to buy analog cameras, develop their film, and a global meeting point for the analog community. In our store, we offer a range of cameras that have all been tested and work, and come with a warranty. We have opened a professional 35mm and 120 (C-41, B&W, E-6) film processing, scanning and high quality printing lab. To serve the community, we have a regular program of photo exhibitions and events in the store’s gallery.

The magazine focuses on analog photography. There are two cover variants. One marks the artistic direction with a close-up photo of a glossy face, offering an interesting visual sobriety and an almost surrealist rendering. The titles are set in Avenir Next Bold, with the magazine name in lowercase letters, taking a particular place that it isn’t centered, neither horizontally nor vertically. “Youth” is shown smaller, centered at the bottom of the page.

The editors describe this issue as follows:

We wanted to write an ode to contemporary photography and we spent months putting together stories about ‘Youth’ inside a magazine.

11 artists defining their own concept of Youth through different type of analog photography : fashion, documentary, portrait, fineart, food, etc

168 pages and 2 covers printed on recycled paper in Berlin.

Artists: Alan Knox, Alexandre Delamadeleine, Ana Evig, Anais Kugel, Arnaud Ele, Clara Borrelli, Jordanna Kalman, Laurent Moynat, Natalia Kepesz, Nicolas Blanchadell, Robin Cracknell

Cover 1 – face: Arnaud Ele
Cover 2 – smiley: Clara Borrelli

Safelight Paper, issue 1, “Youth” 2
Source: Safelight. License: All Rights Reserved.


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