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Pedro Lima – Recordar é Viver: Antologia Vol. 1

Contributed by Matthijs Sluiter on Mar 12th, 2024. Artwork published in
August 2022
Pedro Lima – Recordar é Viver: Antologia Vol. 1 1
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Recordar é Viver: Antologia Vol. 1 presents a compilation of recordings between 1976 and 1987 by Pedro Lima (São Tomé, 1944–2019). Compilation and research by Thomas Bignon, released by the Swiss label/cafe Les Disques Bongo Joe.

From the Bandcamp page:

The story of Pedro Lima begins in Almas, a coastal town with a lively music scene a few kilometres away from the capital Sao Tomé, where he founded Os Leonenses with his friend Leopoldino “Gundu” Silva. The band’s earlier music is built around the strong rhythms and infectious energy of Sao-Toméan Samba Socopé (“only with the feet” in Portuguese), but with the influence of Congolese soukous, Cape Verdean Coladeira, elements from French West-Indies Cadence/Compas, and Brazilian Afoxé, it soon developed into the infectiously danceable style known as “puxa”. The band kept playing together up until Pedro’s death in 2019, performing at large events around the islands and on the continent.

Gaspar Capac from France handled the graphic design, under artistic supervision by Cyril Yeterian. The artwork, in “faux amateur” style, pairs three typefaces – two of which were around and generally available throughout most of Pedro Lima’s career: Eurostile and Akzidenz-Grotesk (in this case both in a version by Castcraft’s OPTI label). The headline typeface looks like it could be an obscure headline face from the space age, but it turns out to be quite new. It’s Hexadecimal – a freebie by Benjamin Blåholtz who describes it as “a retro sci-fi style font inspired by Countdown”.

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Pedro Lima – Recordar é Viver: Antologia Vol. 1 2
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Hexadecimal
  • Eurostile
  • Akzidenz-Grotesk




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