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ExEdícia book series

Contributed by Typotheque on Jan 17th, 2023. Artwork published in .
ExEdícia book series 1
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Slovak publishing house KK Bagala celebrated their 30th anniversary by publishing a collection of six books in cloth binding with custom cover lettering by Michal Tornyai. Book design by Palo Bálik, and inside, an early version of Rapida by Michelangelo Nigra. The collection of books received the National Prize for Design in Slovakia.

ExEdícia book series 2
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ExEdícia book series 3
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2 Comments on “ExEdícia book series”

  1. Very nice covers! It would be great if you could tell me the font of the cover BALLA. Thanks. All the best, Winnes

  2. Hi Winnes, as Typotheque writes, all covers feature custom lettering by Michal Tornyai. The only font at play here is the one used for the book’s interior, Rapida.

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