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Viva Mexico Flyer

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Nov 9th, 2013. Artwork published in .
Viva Mexico Flyer
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I really dig this flyer for Jugendclub No Name in Großpösna, Germany. Amid the silly chaos of Latino kitsch is sense and order. Designers Lamm & Kirch made some careful decisions: digging up Cortez, a wedge serif Letraset face that was popular in its time but since forgotten, choosing the right styles of Champion Gothic for even optical weight throughout “MEXICO”, using a checkered pattern rather than more cliched Mexican ornamentation, and keeping everything readable while the party is still popping.

The ‘V’ in the Cortez font, by the way, is mirrored from the conventional shape in which the heavy weight is on the downstroke. I’m not sure if this was a conscious decision by the typeface’s creator Philip Kelly to acknowledge the sort of use that might be common in amateur wood type (flipping the letters the wrong way around), but it works for this emulation of imperfect letterpress design.

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