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Of Love and Lust by Theodor Reik (Souvenir Press)

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Of Love and Lust by Theodor Reik (Souvenir Press) 1
Source: Keoghs Books. License: All Rights Reserved.
Of Love and Lust by Theodor Reik (Souvenir Press) 3
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

The first British edition of Theodor Reik’s On Love and Lust was published by Souvenir Press in their Condor imprint in 1975, as the second volume in a series of works by the influential psychoanalyst.

While Farrar, Straus and Giroux used the lofty capitals of Michelangelo for their edition, Souvenir Press went for very different typographic direction. For his cover design, Mike Hasted specified Pump. This hefty follower of ultrageometric designs like Harry, Burko and Blippo Black was drawn by Bob Newman and issued by Letraset in 1970. It’s here used in all caps, with (too) wide word spacing.

The author’s name is set in all-caps Monotype Baskerville.

The name of the imprint appears to use Monotype Garamond Italic.


  • Pump
  • Monotype Baskerville
  • Monotype Garamond




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