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Reklamekollektivet website

Contributed by Thomas Dahl Birkeland on Dec 27th, 2013. Artwork published in .
    Skjermbilde 2013-12-27 kl. 22.12.40.png
    License: All Rights Reserved.

    When creating an identity for the Norway based collaborative workspace Reklamekollektivet, we chose Monokrom’s award-winning geometric grotesque Telefon (2012) and FF Tisa Pro as our typefaces.

    Skjermbilde 2013-12-27 kl. 22.13.00.png
    License: All Rights Reserved.
    Skjermbilde 2013-12-27 kl. 22.13.47.png
    License: All Rights Reserved.
    Skjermbilde 2013-12-27 kl. 22.14.33.png
    Source: Reklamekollektivet. License: All Rights Reserved.
    Skjermbilde 2013-12-27 kl. 22.16.43.png
    License: All Rights Reserved.


    • Telefon
    • FF Tisa




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    2 Comments on “Reklamekollektivet website”

    1. Dec 28th, 2013  1:15 am

      Nice website (color palette) and excellent font choice. Tisa does very well in all sizes and Telefon can’t do wrong. 

    2. Dec 28th, 2013  7:05 pm

      I think the Telefon needs a little more letterspacing, especially in all caps.

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