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Costi – Coast to Costi album art

Contributed by Julian Grönberg on Nov 25th, 2023. Artwork published in
November 2023
Costi – Coast to Costi album art 1
Simbayu Studios. License: All Rights Reserved.

Finnish rapper Costi, also known as Tuomas Kostiainen, released his second studio album, Coast to Costi, under PME Records. He began his musical journey in 2016 and officially launched his career in 2021,

In late 2021, Costi introduced his debut EP Safari through PME, offering melodic drill and emotionally resonant lyrics. Notably, the singles “Movie” and “Robben,” the latter named after the Dutch soccer legend, have collectively garnered over a million streams and numerous radio plays, showcasing Costi’s confidence in his unique style.

Costi’s recent album covers, such as for Limbo, are a reflection of his inspiration drawn from the captivating realm of fairytales, entwined with artistic aesthetics reminiscent of Michelangelo’s masterpieces and the whimsical clockwork of Alice in Wonderland. Yet, for his forthcoming album, he is embarking on a creative shift, delving into the enduring narrative of David versus Goliath, while infusing it with a unique Western twist.

When selecting the typeface for this cover and the track list, Celtic Garamond the 2nd emerged as the ideal choice, both in appearance and resonance, seamlessly infusing a medieval ambiance into the world of the cover art.

Costi – Coast to Costi album art 2
Simbayu Studios. License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Celtic Garamond




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  1. Take note that Celtic Garamond the 2nd is the freebie version, which suffers from poor spacing as seen in the tracklist.

    There is a commercial version, Celtic Garamond Pro, in which these issues have been fixed.

    BTW, the basic concept of Celtic Garamond (2000) appears to be inspired by Jonathan Barnbrook’s Mason (1992).

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