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Sign for The Armory at Seattle Center

Contributed by Patrick Barber on Jan 10th, 2014.
    Photo: Patrick Barber. Designer unknown. Model: Anastasia. License: All Rights Reserved.

    The Seattle Center has seen some pleasant new architecture and design in the ten+ years since I last visited. This is an identifying sign outside the Armory building, formerly known as the Seattle Center House, though before that it was, apparently, an armory. It’s been renovated to open up the interior to good effect. Not sure what the logic is behind the O shape, but it’s clearly popular with the kids.


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    3 Comments on “Sign for The Armory at Seattle Center”

    1. Jan 11th, 2014  8:15 am

      The muzzle of a cannon?

    2. Jan 12th, 2014  8:26 am

      The “O” comes from the circles that make up the Seattle Center logo (home of the Armory). And the Armory is the center of the Center. Olé!

    3. Jan 13th, 2014  6:10 pm

      To Kristine’s comment, the “O” is in the SC logo, and it represents International Fountain (which is round), the heart and soul of Seattle Center.

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