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La Vénus d’Argent movie posters

Contributed by Production Type on Feb 13th, 2024. Artwork published in
November 2023
La Vénus d’Argent movie posters 1
Source: ENFEU. License: All Rights Reserved.

La Vénus d’argent (English title: Spirit of Ecstasy) is the latest film by French director Héléna Klotz, starring Claire Pommet – better known under her stage name Pomme – in her first acting role.

Jeanne is 24 years old. She lives on a military base with her father, a police officer, and her little brother and sister. She’s determined to make it in the world of finance. Not for the glory or wealth, but because it’s leading her on the path to freedom.

The drama about family abuse was written by Klotz together with Noé Debré and Emily Barnett, and produced by Les films du Bélier. Having premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), it reached French cinemas on 22 November 2023. Paris-based designer Elena Germain of ENFEU designed three posters for the release. For each of them, she chose a different typeface for the title.

The blue one shown above features Production Type’s Origin Super Condensed in caps from its Backslant style, supported by TypeTrusts’s Heroic Condensed in its conventionally angled Italic. A version of this design is also used for the soundtrack.

A second design shows Pomme in profile, with dramatic lighting and the title in central position. The typography of this poster exclusively uses Guildhall, a heavy flared serif with boxy shapes by Device.

Last but not least, the poster shown at the end of this post features text set in Typofonderie’s Anisette, a typeface inspired by Cassandre’s Banjo and lettering of Paul Iribe. Germain combined wide glyphs for the title with narrow ones for the credits. This design is used by distributor Pyramide Films for promoting the film.

La Vénus d’Argent movie posters 2
Source: ENFEU. License: All Rights Reserved.
La Vénus d’Argent movie posters 3
Source: ENFEU. License: All Rights Reserved.


  • Origin Super Condensed
  • Heroic Condensed
  • Guildhall
  • Anisette




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