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“I Love Letterpress” vintage paper bag

Contributed by Nick Sherman on Jan 18th, 2014. Artwork published in
circa 1970
“I Love Letterpress” vintage paper bag
Source: Elizabeth Frazer. License: All Rights Reserved.

The “Letter-Press” being referenced here is not the method of relief printing commonly associated with the term, but instead a design system of dry transfer lettering, much like the better-known Letraset rubdown sheets.


  • Davida
  • Eurostile
  • Poster (Mecanorma)



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9 Comments on ““I Love Letterpress” vintage paper bag”

  1. “I LOVE” looks like a relative of Robert Trogman’s Roberta or Klinkhardt’s Tip-Top.

  2. Yeah, there are some old Photo-Lettering faces that are also similar, but I couldn’t find an exact match.

  3. I found an exact match for it in an old Mecanorma catalog, a face called Poster. Whether that’s the original name or not, hard to say.

  4. Actually, that’s probably it. Normatone and Normacolor were products of Mecanorma, along with Normatype. Maybe Letter-Press was an earlier trade name?

  5. Thanks for the ID Mark! I figured if anyone would be abe to track it down it’d be you. I’ve updated the font list accordingly.

  6. Add another to the list of “grr” moments produced from seeing a great image available only in low-res Instagram format.

    Thanks for helping out, Mark! Which Mecanorma catalog do you have? I just snagged Graphic Book 14.

  7. I have a 1975 edition (gray cover).

  8. Mecanorma Poster was revived as Jimi. One of the similar Photo-Lettering faces mentioned by Nick is Benguiat Laurent.

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