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Clash. The Joe Strummer Story DVD cover

Contributed by Michael Wallner on May 25th, 2024. Artwork published in
March 2011
Clash. The Joe Strummer Story DVD cover 1
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From the back cover:

Joe died young. But his and The Clash’s memory live on in this DVD as it seeks to explore and identify the music and the reasons behind the split of one of the most iconic punk rock groups of the day.

Produced in 2006, the Special Collectors Edition shown here was issued in 2011. “The Joe Strummer Story” is set in Insurgent, a grunge font with built-in underline that, in the Pro version, offers support for extended Latin, extended Cyrillic and Greek alphabets. “Clash” is in caps from Helvetica Compressed, shaded, filled with a gradient, and with letters in different sizes and at different angles. “Special Collectors Edition” is set in the similar Impact. The lines at the bottom feature all-caps Univers Bold.

Some of these fonts including Insurgent were also used for the Brazilian edition by Videobrokers from 2009.

The back cover has a synopsis set in .
Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

The back cover has a synopsis set in ITC American Typewriter.


  • Insurgent
  • Helvetica Compressed
  • Impact
  • Univers
  • ITC American Typewriter




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