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Patria ad

Photo(s) by “dr. shordzi”. Imported from Flickr on Mar 3, 2014. Artwork published in .
    Source: Uploaded to Flickr by dr. shordzi and tagged with “quick” and “futura”. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Patria portable typewriter ad, Switzerland, 1930s.


    • Quick
    • Stempel Garamond
    • Futura
    • unidentified typeface



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    2 Comments on “Patria ad”

    1. Mar 5th, 2014  9:11 pm

      The Patria port­able typewriter was launched in 1936. Quick a.k.a Trafton Script was released only three years earlier. Stempel Garamond kursiv (1926) and Futura fett (1928) were also relatively contemporary choices. The whole ad looks very modern, with the colored photography and the contrasting mix of typefaces. The warped Patria logo may look like a cheap and inappropriate MS Word effect to us, but it must have felt pretty adventurous back then.

      There are lots of little things to discover: The figures of metal Futura fett were not tabular. The italic text uses a couple of ligatures: ch, ff, ft. Emphasis within italics is achieved by the means of letterspacing (“einmal” on the 4th line from the bottom).

    2. Apr 17th, 2014  11:41 pm

      Also, the square-barred ‘1’. I assumed that Futura’s always had an angled terminal and that Spartan and other followers were flat. I guess not! Here’s another square-barred ‘1’ in 1936 Germany.

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