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Hew Locke: The Procession, ICA Boston

Contributed by Angela Torchio on Jul 8th, 2024. Artwork published in .
Hew Locke: The Procession, ICA Boston 1
Photo by Lauren Miller. License: All Rights Reserved.

Fakt is the ICA Boston’s house typeface, and was chosen for the title treatment for Hew Locke: The Procession for its accessibility and neutral tone. Drawing upon a series of motifs and concerns that have occupied the artist over decades, The Procession is a colorful gathering of approximately 140 life-size sculptures of masked figures of all ages and abilities adorned in printed fabrics and embroideries—Caribbean carnival queens, dancers, refugees, horseback-mounted military figures, fishers, laborers, pregnant women, children, drummers, and flag bearers.

The primary goal of the layout was to flatten any hierarchy between the English and the Spanish, while maintaining accessibility and legibility through the exhibition didactics.

Curators: Ruth Erickson, Barbara Lee, Chief Curator and Director of Curatorial Affairs, and Anni A. Pullagura, Consulting Assistant Curator

The installation first commissioned by Tate Britain, UK, and making its North American debut at the ICA Watershed in Boston.

Hew Locke: The Procession, ICA Boston 2
Photo by Mel Taing. License: All Rights Reserved.
Hew Locke: The Procession, ICA Boston 3
Angela Torchio. License: All Rights Reserved.


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