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Shavertron: The Mimeograph Years by Richard Toronto

Contributed by D Jones on Jul 6th, 2024. Artwork published in
November 2013
Shavertron: The Mimeograph Years by Richard Toronto
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I was captured by the hand-drawn version of Gemini Computer used for “SHAVERTRON”, and then got sucked into a slightly mystic sci-fi fanzine scene with latter-half 20th century vibes.

This is a collected and reprinted volume of Shavertron, a fanzine about the works of Richard S. Shaver that began in 1979; after Shaver’s death, which presumably prompts the “Post-Deluge Shaverania” of the subtitle.

“The Mimeograph Years” and “Richard Toronto / Editor” are not hand-drawn, despite their wobbly look. Glyphs are repeated identically, most noticeably o but others also, which suggests a font. But not LTR NCND.

“AGHARTA” seen inside the roundel motif in the lower-left quadrant of the artwork is a reference to a myth about a legendary kingdom located inside a hollow earth, which is also a theme in Shaver’s writings. Note that the globe of the earth (upper right) has a hole in the “top” where UFOs can fly in to and out of the presumed inner space of the Earth. Wikipedia has a page under the Agarta spelling.

Max Fyfield seems to be an artist associated with things Shaver, so their tag in the bottom left presumably means they drew the art, apparently in 1981.


  • Gemini Computer
  • Ribbonfaced Typewriter
  • Dom
  • Arial




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  1. Hi D,

    The eroded typewriter font is Ribbonfaced Typewriter – or one of its various digital interpretations.

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