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Very old nuns?

Photo(s) by “Henk Gianotten”. Imported from Flickr on Apr 28, 2014.
    Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Henk Gianotten and tagged with “albertus” and “monotypealbertus”. License: All Rights Reserved.

    This grave is on the cemetery St. Elisabeth in Lage Vuursche/Baarn (NL). It seems that the 2 oldest nuns were born in 1806 and 1809 and died in 1974. More than 165 years! This must be two typos. I think.


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    2 Comments on “Very old nuns?”

    1. Apr 29th, 2014  5:01 pm

      The dates, would that be Century Old Style?

    2. Apr 29th, 2014  7:49 pm

      Yes, maybe — hard to say for sure. The neck of ‘2’ appears more straight, but that might be due to the reproduction.

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