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Georg Sörman, Gamla Stan

Photo(s) by “Marta”. Imported from Flickr on May 12, 2014.
    Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Marta Bernstein and tagged with “gillsans”. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Located in Stockholm’s old town, Georg Sörman sells knitwear from the Nordic region.


    • Gill Sans




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    2 Comments on “Georg Sörman, Gamla Stan”

    1. May 26th, 2014  3:04 pm

      Hi, just a clarification… in the dark magenta red color, I’ve overlayed Gill Sans Display ExtraBold (Monotype)… Gill Kayo does not seem to match as closely as ExtraBold… also the “O dieresis” character is actually the normal “O” character with two “periods” spread horizontally…



    2. May 26th, 2014  7:21 pm

      Good catch, Michael! You are absolutely right, this isn’t Kayo, but Gill Sans Display ExtraBold. I’ve changed the typeface tag. We don’t have entries for all styles, that’s why now Gill Sans Regular is displayed.

      For the dieresis: Yes, such modifications are not uncommon in signs. Fonts typically are optimized for the use in text sizes. Some details need to be adjusted when used extra large.

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