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Peer Gynt book cover & vinyl record

Contributed by Lars Høie on Jul 10th, 2014. Artwork published in
December 2013
    Source: Lars Høie. License: CC BY-ND.

    A contemporary typographic interpretation of the classic Norwegian play Peer Gynt. 

    Atreyu, by Greg Eckler, is a contemporary textura blackletter inspired by Gothic Illuminated Manuscripts of 14th century Germany. In the mid 19th century, when the play was written by Henrik Ibsen, blackletter was the dominant typographical style in Norway — the zeitgeist of the era. The textura stands in stark contrast to the contemporary geometric grotesque, LL Circular by Laurenz Brunner, not unlike the story of Peer Gynt itself.

    The concept is based on the enormous ego of Peer Gynt, the main character. His ego is so big that it overshadows even the national icons Ibsen and Grieg. The size of Peer’s ego is reflected in the size of the title which is too big to fit the material it’s printed on.

    Source: Lars Høie. License: CC BY-ND.
    Source: Lars Høie. License: CC BY-ND.


    • LL Circular
    • Atreyu




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