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Filmcomposition ads for Typsettra typefaces

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Jun 22nd, 2014.
    “Have you taken a good look at your face lately?”
“You can always count on Les to put a little punch in your face.”
    Source: Contributed by Martyn Anstice to Wikipedia. License: CC BY-SA.

    “Have you taken a good look at your face lately?”
    “You can always count on Les to put a little punch in your face.”

    Filmcomposition was an English phototypesetter and supplier of Typsettra fonts. Typsettra was something like the ITC of Canada, recreating classic typefaces in 1970s fashion, with large x-heights and ultra tight spacing. “Les”, as mentioned in the ad above, refers to Les Usherwood, who founded Typsettra and designed many of its typefaces.

    It’s not clear who designed Worcester Round, however. MyFonts credits it to Adrian Williams in 1974. [Update Aug 13, 2018: In Modern Encyclopedia of Typefaces, 1960–90, Wallis credits the typeface to Adrian Williams for Fonts/Ingrama SA.] The date of this ad is unknown.

    Illustrations by Doug Panton.

    Filmcomposition ads for Typsettra typefaces 2
    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.
    Filmcomposition ads for Typsettra typefaces 3
    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.


    • Worcester Round
    • Administer
    • Kennerley




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    7 Comments on “Filmcomposition ads for Typsettra typefaces”

    1. Martyn Anstice says:
      Oct 22nd, 2014  4:31 pm

      The above ads were designed and art directed by Ed Cleary. Cleary was one of the owners of Filmcomposition in London, UK. Cleary came to Toronto, Canada in the early 1980s to set up and run The Composing Room, a Berthold shop and  a subsiduary Cooper & Beatty.

    2. Oct 23rd, 2014  4:18 am

      Thank you, Martyn! Cleary’s name is added to the metadata. And thanks for adding that first ad to Wikipedia — it’s what led me to the others.

    3. Doug Panton says:
      Jan 4th, 2016  1:01 am

      My recollection was that these ads were conceived by Art Director Michael Edwards at Ryan Edwards. Before launching ryanedwards with Jim, Michael was creative director at Foote, Cone & Belding in Toronto. Jim and Michael first worked together at Miller Myers Bruce Dalla Costa.

      To the best of my recollection?

    4. Norman Chaykoski says:
      Mar 3rd, 2016  3:02 am

      I have been looking for the Posters that are  on Les Usherwood’s Typsettera Legacy posters. Were they released after his death and what are they worth to collectors?

    5. Dec 6th, 2016  3:27 am

      Les Usherwood “Legacy” poster, advertised by TypeMasters, Inc., 1984

      Norman, The “Legacy” poster is advertised by TypeMasters, Inc. in U&lc, Vol. 11, No. 3 (Nov 1984). The text at the bottom indicates that the poster was indeed released after his death. I don’t know the value of the poster today, but I have yet to see one appear on eBay if that’s any indication.

    6. Norman Jack Chaykoski says:
      Jun 17th, 2017  3:22 am

      What happend to the Type Posters that are showcased on the Les Usherwood Legacy poster?

    7. Sep 14th, 2017  12:35 am
      Tonight at ATypI in Montréal, Rod McDonald suggested that the first ad represents the first time Canadian typefaces were marketed outside the country.

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