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Airbnb identity, website, app (2014 redesign)

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Jul 16th, 2014. Artwork published in
July 2014
    Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

    Created by London-based DesignStudio, the new Airbnb logotype is set in LL Brown. The website and all other identity materials, including the mobile apps, use LL Circular.

    The previous logo was a bubbly Bello.

    Belong Anywhere   Airbnb s new mark and ident
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    Airbnb blog, narrow view.

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    Airbnb blog, wide view.

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    License: All Rights Reserved.
    License: All Rights Reserved.
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    Logo symbol introduction video.

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    Airbnb advertising.

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    Aribnb homepage.

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    Airbnb mobile homepage.

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    • LL Brown
    • LL Circular




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    8 Comments on “Airbnb identity, website, app (2014 redesign)”

    1. Jul 17th, 2014  8:50 am

      A sad sniff and adieu to Shift and Bello. I always found them comforting, inviting and down-to-earth, certainly more than a rigorous geometric sans. And maybe it’s this week but I’m kinda sick of hearing stuff like “but we need to grow and expand our business and therefor have to look more [insert any PR euphemism for not saying bland and generic]”.

    2. Jul 17th, 2014  11:25 am

      I think a geo sans can feel quite approachable this way — in lowercase, with the right colors and surroundings (though some of these hues feel more aggressive than friendly to me, and the red-on-gray text is certainly not reader-friendly). But I do share your distaste for the unnecessary bizification of big biz.

    3. Jul 18th, 2014  10:12 am

      If you look closer at those curves in “airbnb” it’s obvious that they made some adjustments to the type. The circular shapes are out of whack, and not in a good way.

    4. Jul 18th, 2014  3:54 pm

      Frode – Perhaps LL Brown was modified, but not much. Here is the regular font out of the box followed by the logotype:

      I see a vertically sheered ‘r’, narrower ‘n’, and tighter spacing. What else?

    5. Jul 18th, 2014  6:32 pm

      Airbnb says, the other identity type is a “custom typeface called Air”, obviously an only slightly adapted LL Circular.

    6. André Mora says:
      Jul 21st, 2014  1:09 pm

      My only comment on this new branding is to side with this typographic tweet.


    7. Ryan says:
      Jul 28th, 2014  11:24 am

      How were they able to use Lineto typefaces on the web? As far as I know, Lineto doesn’t allow their typefaces to be used online.

    8. Jul 28th, 2014  11:56 am

      Quoting from Lineto’s site:

      We have been offering Lineto fonts for dynamic online rendering, with self-hosting via @fontface, for some time. Please contact us for rates, procedures and technical information.

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