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“Peaceful Easy Feeling” – The Eagles

Photo(s) by “Klaus Hiltscher”. Imported from Flickr on Aug 25, 2014. Artwork published in .
    “Peaceful Easy Feeling” – The Eagles
    Source: Uploaded to Flickr by Klaus Hiltscher and tagged with “marvin”. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Until 1973, Asylum was distributed in Germany through EMI Electrola, a year later through WEA (Warner Elektra Atlantic).


    • Marvin (Face)



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    4 Comments on ““Peaceful Easy Feeling” – The Eagles”

    1. Robert King says:
      Mar 1st, 2019  3:06 pm

      I’m curious if anyone knows, are these E characters in “EAGLES” hand-drawn modifications, or did the original  Marvin come with these alternate E’s?

    2. Mar 1st, 2019  8:08 pm

      I don’t recall seeing such alternates, but I’ll ping Mathieu, the designer of Marvin Visions, whom I consider the authority on all things Marvin. One thing’s for sure: designers love(d) to customize Marvin, see e.g. the A Date With Swing cover.

    3. Mar 1st, 2019  8:17 pm

      I believe that E is actually the £ sign that’s been flipped on its head.

      This is the original £ sign from the Letraset release.

      And if you flip it.

      Extend it a little bit to join up the A and S and tada! Marvin has proven quite flexible in that way. For instance here the V shape has been reused to make other letters.

    4. Robert King says:
      Mar 1st, 2019  9:55 pm

      Fascinating, thank you for the info!

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