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The Prisoner

Contributed by Alistair Hall on Feb 27th, 2015. Artwork published in
circa 1967
    _0000s_0006_Opening McGoohan.jpg
    Source: License: Public Domain.

    Albertus with a custom descending ‘P’ and ‘G’, as it is typical for uncial typefaces.

    In the 1960s British TV show The Prisoner, an adapted version of Berthold Wolpe’s Albertus was used on everything from titles to signs and props. Many of these were hand rendered. The key adaptations were the removal of the dots from ‘i’s and ‘j’s, and ‘e’s that had an uncial feel to them — although occasionally standard ‘e’s snuck in too. I don’t currently know who created all the signs, though the show’s art director was a chap called Jack Shampan. 

    _0000s_0007_Opening The Prisoner.jpg
    Source: License: Public Domain.
    _0000s_0010_Push and find out.jpg
    Source: License: Public Domain.
    _0000s_0018_Village Map.jpg
    Source: License: Public Domain.
    _0000s_0021_Vote for No.6.jpg
    Source: License: Public Domain.
    _0000s_0024_Music begins where words leave off.jpg
    Source: License: Public Domain.


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    3 Comments on “The Prisoner

    1. Feb 27th, 2015  12:19 pm

      Alistair has posted more info and images on his blog.

      “A village where every road sign, poster, and product sold has a single uniform font? […] That’s not at all sinister …” — usvsth3m

      In 1994, Mark Heiman created a digital font to closely resemble the modified Albertus as used in The Prisoner. The freebie is available from a fan site. A superior and more original (although less close) approximation would be Gerard Unger’s Alverata. It doesn’t come with an uncial ‘e’, but features a Ukrainian letter Ie (є).

    2. Feb 27th, 2015  3:31 pm
    3. Blythwood says:
      Oct 4th, 2017  1:19 am

      I love the fact that Omagari put that 'e’ into Albertus Nova as an alt.

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