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The Hair Lounge

Contributed by james millner on Jun 26th, 2015.
    Photo: james millner. © Copyright James Millner. License: CC BY-SA. Artwork by james millner.

    The “T” in “The” isn’t part of the typeface — the unicase design of Disturbance uses lower-case for “T/t”.


    • FF Disturbance



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    2 Comments on “The Hair Lounge”

    1. Blythwood says:
      Apr 12th, 2016  9:20 pm

      Disturbance (or variants on the theme) is quite popular in the U.K. Example of this style is the Vintage Inns logo, although looking at it that seems to be in another font or with some customisation or something. To me the style seems to have a vaguely uncial feel, and I do believe I’ve seen the style used by some Irish business (a pub or shop or something) in place of genuine uncials.

      In retrospect, I’m slightly surprised that type founders in the nineteenth century didn’t try the style, since it doesn’t seem any more crazy then Caslon’s Italian or fat faces.

    2. Apr 16th, 2016  8:42 pm

      The Vintage Inns logo reminds me of another typeface by Jeremy Tankard, the designer of Disturbance — Alchemy — but with tamed letterforms.

      “Vintage Inns” in Alchemy

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