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Ticketron logos (1973–1991)

Contributed by Stephen Coles on Jun 29th, 2015.
    Source: Photo by Alan Mays. License: All Rights Reserved.

    The Cars, Philadelphia, PA, Nov. 24, 1980.

    Ticketron was a computerized event ticketing technology that was in operation from the 1960s until it was purchased by Ticketmaster in 1991. The name and look were obviously intended to play up the futuristic, computerized nature of the product. According to the uncited history on Wikipedia:

    The system used terminals that it called “electronic box offices” that were located in publicly accessible locations, such as banks and department stores. … The original software resided on a pair (one for backup) of Control Data Corporation 1700 computers that were located in the basement of the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

    The logo used Gemini Computer (AKA Sonic) with a flipped ‘E’ for a better fit next to the ‘T’. The ‘O’ is also customized, or from a version of the font that differs from this 1980 sample. Ticketron employed a huge range of ticket designs, with various logo variations, patterns, and colors — presumably to prevent counterfeiting. I’m partial to the electronic rainbow dots of 1980.

    Source: Photo by Backstage Gabe. License: All Rights Reserved.

    California Jam festival, Ontario, CA, Apr. 6, 1974.

    Source: Photo by H. Michael Karshis. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Modern English, San Antonio, TX, Jun. 12, 1984.

    Source: Photo by John Meckley. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Above: Neil Young and The International Harvesters, Hampton, VA, Sep. 12, 1985. 
    Below: Shocking Pinks, Aug. 27 1983. An alternate Ticketron logo is set in Friz Quadrata.

    Source: Photo by “ocad123” on Flickr. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Jane's Addiction, Cleveland, OH, Mar. 8, 1989.

    Source: Photo by Arturo Sotillo. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Red Hot Chili Peppers, Los Angeles, CA, Jun. 16, 1990.

    Source: Photo by “Triborough” on Flickr. License: All Rights Reserved.

    Baltimore Orioles, Jun. 7, 1991.

    Source: Photo by Randy Zahakos. License: All Rights Reserved.

     Watkins Glen Summer Jam, New York, Jun. 28, 1973.


    • Gemini Computer
    • Friz Quadrata




    2 Comments on “Ticketron logos (1973–1991)”

    1. Dan says:
      Jul 8th, 2015  6:07 pm

      Hi – I need to know the name of the font is that is the printing on the ticket, not the Ticketron logo that is part of the ticket stock.  Any help is welcome.  Thanks!

    2. Jul 8th, 2015  10:07 pm

      Dan, the machines that prints the event info on each ticket likely had proprietary fonts built into their system and not necessarily copies of any existing fonts that designers or typesetters would use, so you probably won’t find a match. Garage Gothic is based on similar ticket type. FF Confidential is in the same vein, but more corroded.

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