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Mountjoy Prison

Contributed by Underware on Sep 18th, 2012. Artwork published in .
Maser. License: All Rights Reserved.

It’s a joy to see such colourful poetry. This is a fascinating project by the Dublin based graffiti artist Maser, which he created together with the inmates of the horribly deprived Mountjoy prison in Dublin. All texts are in Bello, and were painted by the inmates during a period of 2 weeks on the inner walls and at the prison yard. Considering the fact that they are on a 23-hour lock-up due to escalating conflicts between drug gangs, this was painted in their very rare spare time. There aren’t any toilets in a 4 man cell, which is occupied by 6 inmates. So 2 sleep on the floor. You urinate and shit into a bucket in the corner of the cell. Chillin’.

Maser. License: All Rights Reserved.
Maser. License: All Rights Reserved.
Maser. License: All Rights Reserved.

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